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Hello there,

  My name is Nathan, and I like to make music

  What you are looking at is my website for liftedCREATION. A music production company that I am slowly building.

  Please find me and talk to me, I love to chat:

soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/liftedcreation

facebook - https://www.facebook.com/nathan.steinke.92

twitter - https://twitter.com/NathanLSteinke

e-mail - nls@liftedCREATION.com


Take care,


Thank you for visiting my site and listening to my music.


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  My entire goal is to place music on TV/Film/Radio. Why? Because there is a decent amount of money involved and I like making music just not "performing it"...so. Placing music in national broadcasts seems like a great place to get into the music business. So...I took a course and wrote a blog!

Learn how to publish and sell your music! I sure did.

Read my blog about my experience with Aaron Davison,

music publisher and my new mentor!


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