Hire Composer, Nathan Luis Steinke

Hire Composer for original music

Need an original underscore for your next movie or film?   Looking to hire a composer for you next television commercial?  If you need original music for your next production.  I am here and ready to help!

You will receive an original music track to be used non-exclusively in your production. I will retain the copyright and publishing rights, any royalties received I will collect.  I may lease the music made.

You will receive an exclusive music track to be used in your production, meaning I will not lease your music track and you will have exclusive use of the music.  I will keep the copyrights and publishing, and collect any royalties.  You may purchase the copyright and publishing rights, see below.

After I am finished with your music track you may purchase the copyright and publishing rights from me.  This means any royalties collected will be yours to claim, you can lease the track, sell it, do whatever you want with it and I will grant you total ownership of the music.

*20% down payment, non-refundable.  After I receive this payment I will start composing music for your project.  Once I am completely finished you will pay the remaining 80% and then I will send you a mastered version of your music.

“Composing” means I write, perform, record, and mix your music track.  I will then send it to Gary Gray who will professionally master the music track.  After final payment you will receive a high-quality .wav file to use in your production.

Please e-mail me at nls@liftedcreation.com
or use the contact form

Be sure to include, type of production, length of music desired, samples of other music, the dateline/due date and any other information possible.  Also include your name, e-mail, phone number and contact information.  Decide if you need exclusive, exclusive with copyright or non-exclusive music.

I look forward to working with you, if you have any questions at all, please contact me!


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