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First post!

Sep 30, 2022 by liftedcreation - 0 Comments

DEVLOG: 09.30.2022

Ok so I want to start a blog here on the site. Going to take a little bit to get set up and look nice. Have to start somewhere…so here it is!

So far, I have uploaded all the current tracks and videos to my channels over at Rumble and YouTube. Also, got all those linked up and embedded over here at Lifted Creation.

Last week I spent a lot of time getting the workflow streamlined so I can get things done as fast as possible. Much like everyone else, I love data entry for days on end. So many links and descriptions and tags.

Really super excited though because now that I have this somewhat of a decent-looking foundation to start adding to.

Set up a little reddit as well. Which had it’s first subscriber yesterday! I am sort of using the reddit forum as a place to share each link and basically jot down what I am up to so I am not spamming other’s reddits. Here is the link if you want to join: r/chakraalignment

I also got myself back on twitter which I am not really thinking the time spent posting there will create any kind of momentum here…who knows though. If you want to follow me over on twitter here is the link: @lifted_creation

Pretty sure I am all done and caught up with everything so far. Now I can start sharing what I have uploaded here this next week and my plan is to create another meditation sequence using the  Solfeggio frequencies. The next ones I mix and master will be hopefully a nicer, lighter version.

Alright, well I am off to get some more things done around here.

4:04 pm:

Alright! It’s still Friday. Getting things done! So I redid all the music pages…I really want to get these as solid as possible before I go creating 100’s of pages, the reason is it takes a lot of work and time to change each of those listings. My focus for the next couple of hours is to make sure the site looks decent on mobile devices. Sadly I don’t have a tablet but, should be fine. I also…

Worked on the legal page a bit, and revamped it a bit to be a bit more specific on what is allowed after purchase. I don’t want people thinking they are buying a production track. They probably won’t. I am tossing around the idea to put these tracks over on my pond5 page in case someone wants to buy them for production. I’ll think about it. Not too much more work which is good just a bunch of uploading as my pond5 page is basically done. Ok I am off to get something else done!

6:39 pm:

Wow…I can’t believe that is the time I started typing this. Anyhows I spent the last 2 hours replying to everyone on reddit. Wow, what a great group of people I just meet! – Oh 639 is a hertz in the Solfeggio Frequencies. Anyway. This is my daily devlog and it’s like a journal. Will anyone read this. Probably not. It’s fine, it’s all for me anyways. Just an avenue to get my thoughts out of my brain and allow my spirit to relax. Be well, stay safe!