Solfeggio Frequencies

Full Chakra Alignment – All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies
All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies (YouTube Playlist)

174 Hz:
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Drift off into quiet meditation and let the healing tone, 174 Hz of the Solfeggio frequencies bring the lower chakras into alignment. This scared tone is thought to relieve pain, stress and tension in the body. This spiritual tone may help ground the self and increase awareness of a deeper meaning of all things.

285 Hz:
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Find your center and relax in quiet meditation and let the healing tone, 285 Hz of the Solfeggio frequencies rejuvenate and energize the basic and primal desires of the lower chakra. The healing tone of 285 Hz is thought to create safety and increase awareness of your astral surroundings. This sacred tone activates on the lowest of chakras.

396 Hz:
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Release all fear and guilt with the cleansing tone of 396 Hz of the Solfeggio frequencies. It’s advised to use a personal mantra during the experience for maximum benefits. This frequency may induce a sense of dread or discomfort in some, hence using a personal mantra as a guide to relieve the tension is advised.  The healing tone of 396 Hz is said to relieve fears, past trauma and personal embarrassment and or guilt. This forgotten frequency helps open the lower chakras.

417 Hz:
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Continuing up the chakras, 417 Hz helps release all negativity from the current life. All past trauma will be relieved and all negative influences from one’s past will slowly leave the consciousness and healing of the self will plant it’s seed and begin to grow.

528 Hz:
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This frequency is considered to be the miracle love tone. 528 Hz is the exact center of all wavelengths. This sacred frequency is claimed to repair DNA, may help heal diseases and sicknesses and bring peace and clarity to the listener. The healing benefits are amplified with personal mantras and deep meditation.

639 Hz:
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Reconnect and heal with one’s self and other personal relationships. The 639 Hz frequency has the ability to rebuild connections otherwise considered lost or damaged.  Use personal mantras while meditating on the self, one’s life and the people they love and value above all.

741 Hz:
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While listening to the 741 Hz allow the mind to expand and fill with solutions, creating new pathways leading to a better self. This Solfeggio frequency will unwind worries and may sooth daily troubles. This emotional stabilizing frequency provides healthy room for the self and soul to expand. Concentrate on more profound intuition over the decisions in life and let the 741 Hz lead you the way.

852 Hz:
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Continue to heighten intuitions and create harmony within the self and the surrounding universe while listening to the 852 Hz of the Solfeggio frequency. Open up to the possibilities of the omnipresent self and all that is. Connect with all the versions of one’s self. Peace, love and harmony.

963 Hz:
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This is the last and highest frequency in the Solfeggio scale, 963 Hz. This healing tone may complete a oneness with time and space, connecting this universe with a new one containing that which is desired most. Experience clear and pure visions of the past, present and future as the mind unravels, absorbing unity with all. May help with kundalini awakening.